With a population of over 10.5 million, Jakarta is the most populous city in Southeast Asia. Get details on current population of Jakarta in Indonesia.

Population of Jakarta (2021)

Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta has witnessed huge migration of people from all over Java and other Indonesian islands. Economic growth of the city has attracted people from all over Indonesia in terms of employment opportunities and a better standard of living. As per Government sources, Population of Jakarta in 2014 was 10,075,310 people. The same figure stood at 9.58 million in 2010 census. Thus, indicating a sharp rise in its population every year. Population of Greater Jakarta (Jabodetabek Region) is estimated to be 28.5 million in 2010 while it was recorded at 8.2 million in 1970. As per data from Government sources, Greater Jakarta was home to 30,326,103 people in 2014. Greater Jakarta accounts for 11% of total population in Indonesia.

Population Growth in Jakarta
Jakarta has been witnessing a steep growth in its population from year 1950. Jakarta’s economic growth and cosmopolitan nature has attracted people from all over Indonesia. According to Census of 1961, only 51% of the total population in the city was actually born in Jakarta.